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Fall 2019 Quiz: Know Your Campus Buildings

Quiz: Know Your Campus Buildings

NC State has changed quite a bit in the 125 years since graduate degrees have been awarded here, including the purpose of many campus buildings. What was once an infirmary is now a dining hall, and a former gymnasium now holds theaters. Some campus buildings even were named for individuals who were significant figures in NC State graduate education history. How many of these campus buildings can you identify?

3 responses on “Quiz: Know Your Campus Buildings

  1. Gary Blank says:

    Having taught in Harrelson, I certainly agree it was difficult, in fact for the class I was assigned to teach there, almost impossible.

  2. John says:

    The building was a pain but I hated to see it go! Had many classes there and it was something every student should have experienced! Part of the tradition!

  3. Robert F. Soots, Jr. says:

    Hey! I am 86 years old. Do I get extra credit?

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